Which Hair Extensions Method is Right for You?

Do you have fine, thin hair? Are you finding it hard to grow your hair to the desired length of your dreams?

With all the stresses of life, some find themselves looking in the mirror and realizing their hair is way different now than in their 20’s. Others have never had the volume or been able to grow length without the hair looking stringy. If any of these scenarios are resonating with you, extensions could be your answer!

Hair extensions are a luxury service and not for everyone.

Some do not want the extra maintenance and cost associated. Totally understandable.

But for those of you who want the hair extensions:

For those that are, though, welcome to the world of Hair Lingiera and Kacey Welch Hair Extensions. You are among an elite group of women in the area as I am the only certified artist for both methods in D.C, Virginia, and Maryland. That means you literally will have the best hair in DMV!

Both methods offer a seamless blend with 100% natural hair that lays flat on the scalp. Other methods have a return or commonly referred to as a “mustache” in the industry. It’s the extension hair at the top of the wefts that are scalp side once applied. Often leaving your scalp itchy and irritable. Additionally, if you properly maintain your hair, it will last for an entire year. Each method can be used in tandem or stand-alone and blends perfectly whether you wear straight, curly, in a high ponytail, or a braid.

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Marcia Degnan

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