SHOUT OUT Saturday! From Amber Mayo at Salon AM Suite!

Shout out Saturday for makeup artists!

Makeup is such a huge part of the bride’s final look. It pulls everything together. I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside @amiedeckerbeauty, and each time, I’m blown away.

On this day, I was honored to style the bride’s, @k_panz_sterling, hair and stand behind her on the most important day of her life.


From an artist’s perspective, weddings are the ultimate collaboration opportunity!

  • Makeup: @amiedeckerbeauty
  • Hair: me @amber_mayo_hair
  • Photography: @audrawrisleyphoto

Amber Mayo

Salon AM is a haircut, color, and stylist salon located in Gainesville Virginia specializing in the Kacey Welch hair extension method. Amber Mayo studied with Redken artists and other noteworthy celebrities. Amber Mayo is totally committed to hair health and Olaplex is a brand “she dies for.” Salon AM has no affiliation with anyone mentioned in this article. Please refer to the original article as posted and credited above.

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