Sunday Dreaming of Hair Masks!

Screaming from the salon suite, throwing a hip into it, and "peacing" out bad hair days! Hair health starts from within and can not be achieved if you aren't slapping a hair mask on weekly! In today's blog pick, I outline a breakdown from New York Magazine showcasing hair masks from the most affordable to the indulgent. Notice, Olaplex no 3 is number one. Just saying.

Read the article here from February 26th, 2021 edition of the Strategist written by: Hilary Reid and Jenna Milliner-Waddell

Salon AM is a haircut, color, and stylist salon located in Gainesville Virginia specializing in the Kacey Welch hair extension method. Amber Mayo studied with Redken artists and other noteworthy celebrities.

Amber Mayo is totally committed to hair health and Olaplex is a brand "she dies for."

Salon AM has no affiliation with anyone mentioned in this article. Please refer to the original article as posted and credited above.