Get That "Natural" Beach Wave Technique Down!

With pool and beach days upon us, it's time to get those "natural" beach wave techniques down. This amazing article by Goop gives the perfect breakdown to achieve an effortless look! Don't miss out to get the perfect done, undone curl!

GP features top Dove hairstylist Mark Townsend in this article where they review how to get that big-hair look and feel, where he focuses on "amping" up volume - even touting the 80's look??? Check out his step-by-step guide here:

Salon AM is a haircut, color, and stylist salon located in Gainesville Virginia specializing in the Kacey Welch hair extension method. Amber Mayo studied with Redken artists and other noteworthy celebrities. Olaplex is one of her favorite brands.

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Salon AM has no affiliation with anyone mentioned in this article. Please refer to the original article as posted and credited above.

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