Amber's Answers to Humidity and Static Hair!

With the heat fast approaching, we are all dreading that big frizzy hair that comes with it.

For the upcoming months, try using a deep moisturizing masque and light oil on your ends. The mask will help calm your cuticle, thus allowing it to lay "smooth" in whatever state you style it: curly or straight. I love @Olaplex No. 8 or @AlternaCaviar Replenishing Moisturizing Masque. For the annoying static hair, try a little oil from the mid-shaft down to the ends. My go-to is Olaplex No 7. Remember, a little goes a long way when applying.

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Happy Hair Styling lovies!

Salon AM is a haircut, color, and stylist salon located in Gainesville Virginia specializing in the Kacey Welch hair extension method. Amber Mayo studied with Redken artists and other noteworthy celebrities.

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